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Revitalize North Lawndale

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Revitalize North Lawndale

Breaking Ground and Breaking Systems of Oppression

At its peak over a half-century ago, North Lawndale had nearly 120,000 residents, largely Black families fleeing the Jim Crow South, only to find themselves in segregated neighborhoods defined by racist redlining and exclusionary zoning.

Today, after decades of neglect, exclusion, and disinvestment, the area has just 30,000 residents, living amidst vast areas of blight and vacant lots. The residents who remain have been largely shut out of the rising prosperity a short distance away in downtown Chicago.

Your donation will support our work to:

  • Reverse the widening racial wealth gap and create affordable homeownership options for working families
  • Create support networks to incubate new worker cooperatives and locally-owned businesses
  • Ensure that a revitalized and reclaimed North Lawndale primarily benefits the people who live there, while avoiding displacement and fostering community control.
  • Build a life-changing model of community ownership that can be adopted across Chicago and the country

Join us in fulfilling the community's dream of transforming the neighborhood!